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these things take time…. but we are finally getting around to updating our website to give you profile pages of our cheese mongers.

What is a cheesemonger you ask? Well Wiki defines it like this

Cheesemonger may refer to:

  • A tradesperson who specializes in cheese
  • A nickname for a member of the 1st Regiment of Life Guards, a regiment in the British Army

So I know that our folks don’t come wearing a British regiment uniform to work every day, so I’m going to go with the first option.

We care for cheese, and make sure that by the time it’s brought to you it is in the most tip top condition. And while we are at it, we’ll try to tell you all about it. We’re cheese story tellers.

We’re still looking for one more monger, so holler if that’s you.

We love what we do. Find out all about us by clicking on the drop down menu under the CHEESEMONGER tab.

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