Artisan Cheese Company
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    where are we?

    People ask us all the time where we are? As you may know, Main Street stretches from the Marina Jack end of downtown, all the way past the courthouse area. So we’re down on Lower Main, just across from Marina Jack at the very start of Main Street.

Mission Main Street Grants

HELPHelp get Louise to the American Cheese Society conference in Providence, RI

It’s that time of year again where cheese mongers gather from across the country in a far off city, chosen to host the greatest celebration of cheese. Mongers make the long trek from their retail counters, cheese makers gather up their cheese and make their way to meet mongers and share their passion and love for all things stinky. For three days, cheese crazed men and women will share ideas, enthusiasm and delight in microbes and rinds, and curds. It’s the most important event of the year. We leave the conference full of ideas and to the brim with new ideas for our counters. It’s the education of a life time, knowledge that will be brought back to Sarasota. This year’s conference is in Providence, RI, which feels like Alaska as far as distance goes. Louise won the 2014 John Grompton Scholarship for the conference in Sacramento. But this year we have to figure out a way to cover costs to get Louise to Rhode Island.  So we have created our own crowd source fund raising campaign. Please click for more information. Thank you.

Artisan Cheese Company offers hand-cut to order artisanal and farmstead cheeses from across the region, the country and Europe. We stock other lovelies such as interesting oils, salts, honeys, jams and chutneys, to share with guests, or for just you, or to have on hand in your larder. We’ll advise you as needed, or leave you alone to browse. Don’t know cheese, don’t be afraid! We’ll guide you to the perfect stinker, or the gooiest bloomy bit of magic.

The shop opened in downtown Main Street, Sarasota, in March of 2012. And we just enjoyed our third anniversary, and we are happy to report that we are going strong.  We have added amazing pantry items to our shelves. And we’ve expanded our cheese inventory to showcase a strong focus on seasonal American farmhouse and Artisanal cheeses. We’ve added to our monger team, and we’re introducing ourselves to new customers every day. We love what we do.

What made us open a shop in a highly seasonal town? And a cheese shop at that? Well we believe in Sarasota, and wanted to create a place, a shop, where people could feel a connection to, and want to come back again and again. Our focus is on small production goods, whether it be the cheese, or the pantry items we stock. And honestly, we were just plain sick of not knowing where our food came from and what all those ingredients were for. So we try to bring in items that have as few ingredients used as possible. We know there are people like us out there.

But mostly we are a cheese shop. We want to take the intimidation out of cheese. We’re story tellers at heart and we want to share with you, our customers, what the magic of cheese is. We teach classes called Cheese 101 here at the shop. Or, just wander on in off the street and we will be happy to chat cheese with you. It’s what we do.

Having a party? Let us help. We’ll lend you one of our beautiful cheese boards, we’ll choose the cheese and arrange it with the perfect balance of flavor profiles and textures. We’ll even send you home with knives, bowls, spoons, and provide crackers and pairings, fruit, nuts and more. You take the credit. Just pick the board up at the shop, and return it the next day. Comes with cheese cards to designate each cheese. Prices start at $125.  Call the shop for details – (local pick up only) 941 951 7860

Served on a medium sized board – 4 cheeses, 1 preserve,
1 honey, 2 crackers, fruit, dried nuts and fruits. Serves up to 10 people. (with charcuterie, add $15)

Served on a larger board – 6 cheeses, 2 preserves,1 honey, 3 crackers, fruit, dried nuts and fruits, chocolate. Serves up to 20 people. (with charcuterie, add $25)

Usually on two boards, one for the soft cheese, and one for firm. 10 cheeses, 3 preserves, 1 honey, 4 crackers, fruit, dried nuts and fruits, salame, chocolates. Serves up to 30 people

WEDDING CHEESE CAKE TOWERS AND CUSTOM BOARDS $ WE WILL TAILOR THE PRICE TO YOUR NEEDS. We love doing custom boards, and cheese cake towers that are perfect for weddings and other celebratory events.

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Artisan Cheese Company
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